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Nivessa is a way to invest your spending to “Fix the World”. With low prices, broad product selection and unique offerings Nivessa is purchasing from small businesses and collectors. We all want to make the world better, whether is paved sidewalks. Cancer research, new social norms, equality, diversity, Nivessa is here to help you invest into your purpose. We would like to create a world that you would love to live in. Nivessa means ‘Investment’ in the Punjabi language.



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Nivessa was founded in late 2019 by Jonathan Hedvat. Jonathan was interested in investing yet believed to create Real wealth, one would have to sell products to everyone. By selling in demand products that are at attractive prices There would be low likelihood of failing.

  • What’s Next
  • As a new retail portal selling product, we look forward
  • To helping the causes of its customers.
  • Help us help you make the world a better place.


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